Mexican Drug Cartels In Tunnel Building Recruitment Drive

Now that Donald Trump has agreed for the wall between America and Mexico to start construction, Mexican drug Cartels are under immense pressure to keep their regular supply lines operational. In order to appease their financial backers from other South American countries, they have come up with a solution that should help keep their product distribution achieving their targets.

They have taken out job advertisements to help them build even more tunnels. The adverts have been placed online with some of the world’s leading job recruitment sites and offer a generous package to the right candidate. According to the job description applicants must have:

  • Previous tunnel building experience
  • Be proficient in electrics and air flow supply
  • Miniature grade railway placement
  • Small weapons experience
  • Ability to work under pressure

Perks include:

  • Excellent pay in currency of your choice
  • Private villa with round the clock cartel protection
  • USA based medical care for all family members
  • Gringo style LED TV screens & smart fridges
  • Private banking in Panama