Police Will Arrest Drivers Of Driverless Cars For Using Their Mobile Phone

Police forces in the UK have announced today that they will be clamping down on mobile phone use in driverless cars. Drivers of the new technology can expect to be arrested and receive the same penalties as conventional drivers.

A Police spokesman told Civil Unrest:

Even though the driver is not technically driving their vehicle, they are still behind the wheel of the car and the same laws apply regarding mobile phone use”.

Driverless cars may seem exciting but are just as dangerous as conventional cars. We expect drivers of driverless vehicles to set the same standards and observe the law at all times”.

Anyone caught by the Police behind the wheel of a driverless car can now expect the following:

  • It’s illegal to use a handheld mobile when driving. This includes using your phone to follow a map, read a text or check social media. This applies even if you’re stopped at traffic lights,queuing in traffic or in a driverless car.
  • If you’re caught using a handheld phone while driving, you’ll get 6 penalty points on your licence and a fine of £200. Points on your licence will result in higher insurance costs.