Criminals Say Yes To Driverless Lorries

Career criminals up and down the country are voting yes and lending support to the recent announcement that driverless lorries will soon be a common site on our roads. The heavy goods vehicles with no drivers present criminals with the perfect opportunity to hijack the vehicles, steal all the goods and with no one around to witness their crime.

One leading South London criminal who wished to remain anonymous told Civil Unrest that:

We cannot wait for this to rollout across the UK. We would simply hijack the computer in the lorry, divert it to an empty place such as an industrial estate and offload all the goods. We won’t even have to turn up with weapons anymore, a laptop and bolt cutters will do the job quite nicely“.

No one gets hurt, no one gets threatened and no one has to carry a firearm with a minimum 5 years sentence. It will be like the 1970’s all over again when we used to rob the money vans but without the violence“.

We have been cloning key fobs for expensive cars since the late 1990’s, do you really think cloning a driverless lorry is going to be a problem for us?“.

Surely the intended purpose of this scheme is to save fuel by the lorries moving in a pack and not to provide career criminals with the almost perfect crime?

Add on top the potential for collisions on the motorways and the transport cafes with a massive decline in business due to the lack of lorry drivers. Are driverless lorries really a good idea?