Saudi Arabia Opens Torture & Religious Centre

Following pressure from the International community and recent undercover filming by a UK television channel, Saudi Arabia has announced today that they are to open a Torture & Religious centre in Riyadh.

A spokesman for the backward country told Civil Unrest:

We wish to be more transparent and accountable for our medieval actions and religious based ways. By opening the Torture & Religious centre we can show to the world exactly what we do as part of our roles in keeping Saudi Arabia closed from the outside”.

The theme park is expected to feature some of the following:

  • Beheading & hand chopping demonstrations
  • Censorship in three easy stages
  • Religious Police tactics & informant recruitment drive
  • Sword techniques and retaining sharpness
  • Flogging and staying hydrated
  • Stoning family members for fun
  • Taking time to prayer when administering torture
  • Stoning women and feeling a proud Saudi

The Saudi Torture & Religious centre will be open to all residents of Saudi Arabia excluding women who will have to wait outside standing in the unbearable heat of the Arabian sun. Westerners are also not allowed unless they are members of the UK Royal family or high ranking UK government officials.

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