ISIS Terror Training Camp Found At Runton Beach Norfolk

A video shown to Civil Unrest by a UK based freelance journalist clearly shows an ISIS terror training camping at low tide in Runton Beach, Norfolk in the UK.

How long the camp has been there and what their intentions are is unknown at this stage. However the journalist who filmed them training and who wishes to remain anonymous told Civil Unrest that:

They had definitely done this before as in trained on Runton Beach. The ISIS soldiers knew exactly the tidal turning point, when the fog was likely to clear and the best time of day before the beach becomes busy”.

They were definitely military trained and accustom to the UK weather. They practised gun drills and evasive manoeuvres. I was unable to determine if the ISIS soldiers were from the UK or they had come here illegally”.

They were doing their very best not to speak and give away any regional accents or visually show any indication to Western Clothing”.

The security implications of this revelation are too scary to digest and we are not at all comfortable knowing ISIS terrorists are training on a UK beach!