Washing Machines Live Longer With VAZGON

MP Keith Vaz who is currently at the centre of a media storm regarding paid male escorts and potential drug abuse has revealed himself to be a washing machine expert.

Do not be fooled by his chubby exterior as this Labour MP is no ordinary salesman, as he is an expert in picking up male escorts for many years under the umbrella of all things related to the wash.

Sometimes Keith Vaz has to pretend to be an MP in his role as part of the Home Affairs Committee looking into prostitution in the UK. Being morally corrupt and abusing powers takes its toll on Vaz and he likes to relax with some nice Class A drugs and male escorts.

We can exclusively reveal some great washing machines tips from MP Keith Vaz that will help your “Washing Machine Live Longer With VazGon”:

  • One average sized male escort will fit into a standard sized washing machine
  • Poppers will explode at high temperatures on a wash cycle
  • All traces of sexual and drug activity will always come out in the wash
  • Washing powder can be claimed on charity expenses along with the price of the male escorts

Courtesy of the MP Keith Vaz our washing machine days have been brightened and our next trip to the launderette or Currys electrical store will never be the same ever again!