Kids Out Of Control? You Need DADDYLINE

Being a parent is a tall order and never more so if you are Dad, our children have a habit of absorbing weakness and reducing us to mental wrecks. School holidays inject fear into our bodies that tests the very limits of being a male.

The hard part is keeping control mentally whilst at the same time installing a form of control so that the kids know who is boss. Sometimes the laws of the universe do not allow this to happen and by 9am it has all gone wrong.

The kids are now running riot and no matter what you say or do it has no effect. They have taken over and it is only a matter of time before you are taken to the nearest funny farm.

Do NOT let this happen – DADDYLINE can help you in your hour of need. Our military grade consultants will install much needed discipline and help restore order.

Our comprehensive program includes an electronics blackout procedure, food removal, tatty clothing and military level drilling. Your kids will learn to hate us whilst they finally discover what it is like to do as they are told.

Whilst they cry and throw tantrums to our personnel who have spent a lifetime dodging bullets and bombs:

  • you are free to enjoy a pint down the pub
  • watch the television with no interruptions (excludes talking wife)
  • drift the family car round the nearest roundabout
  • beg your partner for sex
  • buy a road cycle with matching latex outfit

Remember DADDYLINE is a free service provided by like minded dads who know exactly what you are experiencing.