Drug Dealers Claim 2016 Glastonbury Festival Weather Is Bad For Business

The 2016 Glastonbury Festival has started with the usual predictable weather patterns that one can expect this time of year in the UK. However not only is the mud and rain bad for festival goers but also for the professional drug dealers as well.

With the consumption of recreational drugs paramount in most minds, competition is not only fierce but also very lucrative for the illegal drug provider. One dealer from South London who wished to remain anonymous told Civil Unrest that:

Fewer people will be arriving to the festival this year due to the awful weather as many are turning around on the main roads and now heading home. The money they have put aside to purchase drugs from my crew will now be spent with their local dealer instead”.

The ones that are here do not want drugs, they just want to keep warm and stay dry. Sales in hot water bottles, Wellington boots and rain ponchos have hit the roof. My recreational drugs sales are down big time!

In all the years I have been serving up at Glasto I have never seen so many straight laced people walking around the festival. It is heartbreaking to have thousands of pounds worth of high grade gear just sitting there waiting to be distributed”.