Tim Peake Returns To Space To Escape From His Wife

British astronaut Tim Peake is returning to space for a second stint and this time it is a personal mission to the galaxy. Tired of family life and responsibility, he can escape his wife by hiding out at the International Space Station with other like minded astronauts.

Peake made the surprise announcement at the Science Museum on Thursday as the spacecraft that transported him to the International Space Station and back last year went on display at the London attraction.

Major Peake told Civil Unrest that he was “hugely excited” about returning to space to get away from his wife.

It is what every husband wants to do” he said. “But also being involved in the space programme is hugely rewarding as well.

The financial budget this time round would help many homeless people in the UK but money spent on space travel must always come first claim space fans.

We cannot wait to see Major Peake pull another pointless space somersault that costs £2,000,000 per tumble whilst hiding from his wife and avoiding council tax.