Pope’s 12 Migrants From Lesbos Sent Back To Syria

The Pope dramatically rescued 12 hand picked migrants from the Lesbos camp in Greece to take them to a new life in Rome but things have not gone according to plan. No sooner had the private 100 seater Catholic jet taken off from Greece the hand picked 12 migrants from Syria started complaining about:

  • Holy crosses and beads adorning every seat
  • Holy wine freely available
  • Members of staff smoking cigarettes
  • Bibles under each seat
  • Pope sprinkling holy water to bless the flight
  • Migrants having to sit in 3rd class next to the luggage

The holiest of holies Pope Francis meanwhile was oblivious to all the commotion. He was in First class tucking into a nice juicy steak and a 100 year old malt whiskey, followed by some Dunhill International cigarettes with the latest Catholic church global wealth figures.

It was obvious that this publicity rescue stunt was never going to work and it was decided that the plane should divert to Damascus Airport in Syria. Once landed the migrants were removed from the private Catholic jet to the waiting grinning authorities minus their airfare.

Since when did the Catholic church ever do anything for free?