The London Hoodie 9mm Street Special

Introducing the London Hoodie signature 9mm street special handgun which is perfect for your day to day criminal requirements in and around London Town.

The gun is easy to conceal in one of your bitches knickers or inside your grandmothers biscuit tin. Increase maximum respect with your idiot friends and people around your crime ridden estate with this light and practical handgun.

Every career criminal should not be without one of these 9mm bad boys and it’s impressive features include:

  • All serial numbers have been etched and the barrels changed
  • Clip changing is effortless and fast
  • Lovely clean 9mm popping sound when firing
  • Non slip coated texture on the gun to avoid unnecessary drops

Be the envy of all your silly gangster friends and move up the criminal career ladder right away.

2017 DALSTON Summer Special – buy two extra 9mm clips and we will send you a free gangster baseball cap with silly sticker left on it, a crack pipe and radio scanner. (Batteries not included).

SAFETY POLICY: if you do not wish to use the complimentary gun holder and instead tuck the gun into your waistline – we recommend you learn how to wear your trousers properly by doing your belt up and also going back to school to be shown how to tie your shoelaces up as well.

DISCLAIMER: We cannot be held responsible if you fail to comply with our safety guidelines in the likely hood of your gun firing without your consent.

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