Convicted Criminal Wayne Rooney To Lose Nike Samsung And Other Major Sponsorship Deals

The Everton and Nike footballer Wayne Rooney who was convicted at Stockport Magistrates court this morning for drink driving, is set to lose millions of pounds in lucrative sponsorship deals over his newly acquired criminal record.

From a brand management perspective his main sponsors can no longer afford to have someone endorsing their products who has a criminal conviction. Some of his sponsors including Nike, Samsung and Fifa18 are all set to drop the pampered premiership star from their payroll and find someone else more suitable for their corporate image.

As far as his sponsors are now concerned it is a damage limitation exercise in removing Rooney from their brand image and completely disowning him from any previous media engagements. Wayne Rooney’s image is now tainted and is that of a person who is more than happy to consume alcohol and drive a vehicle whilst three times over the UK legal limit. He is simply unfit to endorse any future meaningful products or events.

Surely any new clients must be reluctant to touch someone who has such a tarnished reputation and criminal conviction in the public eye?

With an impending divorce to his wife Coleen Rooney these are definitely dark days for the former England, Manchester United and current Everton footballer Wayne Rooney.