Phones 4 U Opens Mobile Phone Store At Wormwood Scrubs Prison

Do you remember the mobile phone store Phones 4 U that went into administration in 2014? Well they are now trading again and this time they have opened their first phone store at Wormwood Scrubs prison in London.

Phones 4 U opening times are from 9am to 6pm with a Tech centre to help prisoners with any questions they might have about using their new phone. Accessories such as chargers, phone covers and replacement SIM are also available inside the shop.

All phones start with no upfront costs and generous data tariffs to allow prisoners to spend all day on social media and help them run their criminal empire.

Mobile phones in prison are a vital component and having a dedicate phone shop will prevent illegal smuggling and should prevent violence over phone access.

With a population of approximately 1360 inmates at Wormwood Scrubs, Phones 4 U should be able to offer a phone to every prisoner with the exception of sex offenders and informants.

Locking up time at Wormwood Scrubs is now a unity of calmness with the only sound being text alerts and customised ring tones purchased from the Phones 4 U store.