London Night Tube To Provide Vomit & Toilet Bins

With the Victoria and Jubilee lines on the London Underground expected to start their 24-hour night service in August of this year, revellers cannot wait to take their favourite tube journey home after a night out in the many pubs and clubs of the capital.

Senior management within London Underground have raised concerns that due to the time of night, some passengers may be extremely intoxicated and worst for wear on their journey home. In order to prevent embarrassment and an increase in cleaning costs, vomit and toilet bins will be provided for all the customers to use on every night tube.

Situated near the door of each carriage, the vomit and toilet bins will provide a much needed helping hand in times of bowel movements and vomiting from excess alcohol. The bins will be changed regularly during the night service and a special fragrance has been added to the bins to repel the smell of any body fluids that maybe in there.

This is a first for London Underground and it shows that they are taking their new night tube service seriously and also the needs of their customers.