Jamie Oliver Thrown Out Of Primark For Breastfeeding

Celebrity cook Jamie Oliver has been thrown out of a Primark store in South London by a security guard for breastfeeding in public. Apparently he sat down on one of the clothes rails and was trying to feed his youngest child to a non-existent milky nipple.

It seems Jamie’s recent publicity hugging campaign to encourage breastfeeding has gone to his head, or should we say nipple. The sugar laden recipe king just can’t help staying out of the news and his recent campaign in telling mums that they should breastfeed is a bridge too far for some people.

When Jamie was asked by a mother who actually knows how to breastfeed if he needed help, he responded:

I know everything there is to know about feeding my child and did you know I am currently running a campaign? Perhaps you would like my autograph or a quick photo opportunity? Or maybe a signed copy of my latest crappy cook book?”.

We are tired of this mansplaining cook telling us what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Please stick to cooking and leave the real world to the people that know best.