Hillary Clinton To Start Work At McDonalds

With the recent US election results only a few weeks old it seems that Hillary Clinton has already moved onto pastures new. Never one one to shy away from the career ladder – this power hungry ex-politician has bagged herself a VP position at the fast food chain.

Flipping burgers is a far cry from commanding drones and misplacing email servers but we are sure crooked Hillary will have five gold stars on her first day. A Benghazi Happy Meal will also be produced by McDonalds in honour of Hillary for her outstanding work in Libya.

A spokesman for McDonalds told Civil Unrest magazine that:

All our senior citizen employees have to start out working on the fry counter, cleaning the tables and eventually when trusted enough to take out the garbage”.

Hillary will obviously be fast tracked due to her considerable management experience but she will still have to put in six months on the shop floor”.

Her invaluable connections will not only help strengthen our brand but also allow us to expand into new markets abroad”.

So please be nice to when you see Hillary next at your nearest McDonalds when she confuses your order with the customer from yesterday.