Can You Help Katie Hopkins Choose A Sausage For Her Bum?

Following Sadiq Khan becoming the new London Mayor, the loud mouthed and opinionated radio presenter Katie Hopkins is having problems choosing the best sausage for her rectum? As she promised to run down a London street naked with a Halal sausage up her bum if Sadiq Khan became the new London Mayor, which he did so on Saturday just gone.

Unfortunately Katie Hopkins was a bit light on information, as she failed to disclose how big the sausage would be and how far it would be inserted? The last thing the viewing public would like to see is her running down the street and the sausage to fall out at the start of her run?

The “Rectum Run” rules clearly state that her choice of jumbo Halal sausage must not be claimed on expenses or be near the sell by date. It must have been manufactured within the EU and and not for sale at a reduced price within the last month.

Can you help Katie choose the best sausage for her rectum run? The winning person will get an exclusive tour of a Halal sausage making factory, a weeks worth of sausages and one years free subscription to Civil Unrest Magazine.